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Bringing this place back to life!

So okay, I was thinking that since I am on this whole new health and wellness kick I should record it somewhere. I didn't want to "clutter" up my normal journal with it, so what better place than here?!

I've started the Whole Foods eating plan, which is basically a low-carbish type thing. It still encourages eating carbs, just not the ones found in chips and chocolate and such.

I've also started doing my Tae-Bo again. I had to start over with the 30 minute workout (3 years ago I was doing the 60 minute one and it was a piece of cake) but at least I am starting somewhere again. I prefer working out in the morning before my shower, but with time constraints (ie I can't get my ass out of bed in time) I've been changing into my workout stuff and doing it right when I get home from work. This has worked out well the past couple days. It's also nice because I have a solid hour before Will gets home so I don't have to feel self-concious (even though it's silly of me to worry about that).

I haven't told Will about working out because I suppose I want it to be something of a surprise. I also don't want to have to worry about explaining if I don't stick with it. It's funny, but that mentality is helping me be motivated about it. Go figure? Even though it's only been 2 days now, I already feel MUCH better. I've stopped drinking soda completely and just drink water at home. That isn't nearly the problem I thought it would be for me. I don't really miss the sugar water. I can feel in my muscles that I've been using them for the first time in years and that feels wonderful.

Anyway, this is long enough. I will try to keep this community alive! ;)
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