The Marmot (dekucat) wrote in dekusize,
The Marmot

Food for thought

So, my allergy-elimation diet allows me the following foods: turkey, lamb, white rice, icerberg lettuce, blueberries, peaches, pears, olive oil, and salt.

So far, I've been following this eating pattern:

breakfast: 1/2 tin of peaches

lunch: salad - iceberg lettuce with turkey breast and olive oil dressing

dinner: either a lamb chop or piece o'turkey and rice. iceberg lettuce. I try to keep the amount of rice equal to the amount of meat, and eat more lettuce, in a pseudo-zone thing.

snacks: pears. lots of pears. tinned peaches. turkey stock.

I'm going to go get some blueberries tonight to add some more variety.

I'm wondering if I will actually lose weight following this diet? If I could add more veggies in it'd be easier to do a true Zone diet, but as is, it's hard to fill up on lettuce.

Weigh-in is Saturday. We shall see.

Workout planned for tonight - 40 minutes cardio. I'm thinking of mixing it up with my nemesis, the treadmill, as well as my old faithful, the elliptical trainer.
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