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Wednesday, April 12th, 2006
10:43 am
Bringing this place back to life!
So okay, I was thinking that since I am on this whole new health and wellness kick I should record it somewhere. I didn't want to "clutter" up my normal journal with it, so what better place than here?!

I've started the Whole Foods eating plan, which is basically a low-carbish type thing. It still encourages eating carbs, just not the ones found in chips and chocolate and such.

I've also started doing my Tae-Bo again. I had to start over with the 30 minute workout (3 years ago I was doing the 60 minute one and it was a piece of cake) but at least I am starting somewhere again. I prefer working out in the morning before my shower, but with time constraints (ie I can't get my ass out of bed in time) I've been changing into my workout stuff and doing it right when I get home from work. This has worked out well the past couple days. It's also nice because I have a solid hour before Will gets home so I don't have to feel self-concious (even though it's silly of me to worry about that).

I haven't told Will about working out because I suppose I want it to be something of a surprise. I also don't want to have to worry about explaining if I don't stick with it. It's funny, but that mentality is helping me be motivated about it. Go figure? Even though it's only been 2 days now, I already feel MUCH better. I've stopped drinking soda completely and just drink water at home. That isn't nearly the problem I thought it would be for me. I don't really miss the sugar water. I can feel in my muscles that I've been using them for the first time in years and that feels wonderful.

Anyway, this is long enough. I will try to keep this community alive! ;)

Current Mood: happy
Wednesday, June 8th, 2005
10:38 pm
The latest plan...
So, last Sunday I followed a link from a friend's journal and came across this:


I sent it to Will, he thought it sounded good, too.

Monday was day 1 and I thought I was gonna die.

Today was day 2 and we both found ourselves enjoying it! Go figure!

Now if I can only get myself to start up my Tae Bo on Tues and Thurs again I'll feel UBER accomplished!

Current Mood: accomplished
Friday, February 18th, 2005
9:06 am
Stopped dieting a week ago. Lost another 2 pounds. Interesting.

10 pounds lost! Only 15 to go.
Saturday, February 5th, 2005
10:37 am
153 this week, with no exercise whatsoever. I really need to get back to the gym next week, hopefully that will ramp things up.
Saturday, January 29th, 2005
9:30 am
Still 155. I was actually down to 153 earlier this week, but I ate regular food for the last 2 days and the weight came back. Discouraging, to say the least.

Back to the diet grindstone. I must say it's discouraging to know that I have 20 more pounds to lose. I've only been doing this for 2 weeks and I probably have 3 - 5 months to go to get where I want to be. But I feel bloated and disgusting looking, and that combined with the health issues associated with an unhealthy weight is motivating me somewhat. Not the healthiest motivation, but hey it's something.
Friday, January 28th, 2005
2:10 pm
Finally some good news to report...
Last month at some point I weighed 192. I was NOT happy with this.

Yesterday I weighed myself and I am down to 184. This pleases me.

The past 2 days boum0007 and I have dutifully gone to the YMCA and worked out for a grueling 1/2 hour on the elliptical machines. *huff* *puff*

I am actually hoping she's in the mood to go again today!

Current Mood: motivated
Saturday, January 22nd, 2005
2:39 pm
Week one weigh-in, 155. I know it's mostly water, but I still feel better.

I was bad and had a pecan tart today, and plan on a somewhat filling chicken dinner. Then Sunday, back to the lowcal grindstone.
Monday, January 17th, 2005
4:13 pm
Note to self: eat something BEFORE workout. I went to the gym at 2 after only having had breakfast, and what a mistake. I had no energy, dragged my ass through 25 minutes of cardio and 1/2 hour of weights, and staggered back home, where I ate double my alloted calories for lunch. Bad deku.

But on the plus side, I did work out, and I'm still under my daily calorie requirement.
Sunday, January 16th, 2005
2:05 pm
a beginning
Dekusize hasn't exactly been booming lately, but I figure it'll be a good place to do my diet ramblings. If there's anybody out there who feels inspired. welcome!

I officially started my diet Saturday Jan 15, weighing in at a solid 161 (!) and fitting size 10 clothes (well, size 10 - 12 pants, size 8 skirts. it balances out). Ideally, I'd like to get down to 135/size 3-5, which is where I was a year ago, but I'll be happy with whatever amount of weight I lose. I can live with 145, it's not a bad weight for me and it tends to be my winter weight anyway (I'm usually 7- 10 pounds heavier in the winter).

Diet plan:

Exercise 3 times a week, 1 hr session

Eat 3 small meals and 3 snacks, meals 300 cals and snacks 100 calories, for a total of 1200 calories a day - I won't be counting religiously, just guestimating wisely. The idea is to eat little bits constantly so I'm not hungry all the time.

So far, so good. I've been meeting the exercise goals pre-diet, so I just have to keep going. I am feeling hungry a lot, so I'm going to allow myself unlimited amounts of soup at the beginning to keep me from breaking down and binge-eating an entire buffalo. I'm just making a lovely turkey stock right now which will be the base for a cabbage soup, yummy.

How long? That is the ultimate question. I tend to get discouraged after 2 weeks of dieting. I will try very hard to hold on until the bitter end, though.
Wednesday, April 21st, 2004
10:29 pm
I haven't been exercising . . . but everyone tells me that I look like I've been losing weight. Maybe it's divine intervention . . .

. . . or the fact that I've seriously cut down on caffeine. But I'd like to think it's the first. ;)
Sunday, March 21st, 2004
9:40 pm
Didn't get on the exercise machine today. I did, however, chop a lot of lumber today. *sigh* I am SO sore right now. And tired. And tomorrow is only going to be worse.

But it's a start.
Saturday, March 6th, 2004
6:47 pm
Step 1
My exercise machine was dusted, and I set it up today.

Hey--it's a start, anyway.
3:45 pm
Pilates are awesome! They make you feel all stretchy-like. My back hasn't felt so good for yoinks.

Lost 3 pounds last week despite being too sick to exercise much. Yay for colds!

I'm now at my non-photoshoot target weight, but want to see if I can't exercise off another 5 pounds to get a little less lumpy and reach that elusive size 3.
Monday, March 1st, 2004
9:10 pm
20 minutes stairmaster, 20 minutes cross-trainer. 100 straight crunches, 50 each side crunches.
Thursday, February 26th, 2004
9:50 am
45 minutes of cardio last night - 20 minutes on the treadmill, 17 minutes of it running, 20 minutes on elliptical, 5 minute cooldown on the bike.
Wednesday, February 25th, 2004
12:10 pm
Food for thought
So, my allergy-elimation diet allows me the following foods: turkey, lamb, white rice, icerberg lettuce, blueberries, peaches, pears, olive oil, and salt.

So far, I've been following this eating pattern:

breakfast: 1/2 tin of peaches

lunch: salad - iceberg lettuce with turkey breast and olive oil dressing

dinner: either a lamb chop or piece o'turkey and rice. iceberg lettuce. I try to keep the amount of rice equal to the amount of meat, and eat more lettuce, in a pseudo-zone thing.

snacks: pears. lots of pears. tinned peaches. turkey stock.

I'm going to go get some blueberries tonight to add some more variety.

I'm wondering if I will actually lose weight following this diet? If I could add more veggies in it'd be easier to do a true Zone diet, but as is, it's hard to fill up on lettuce.

Weigh-in is Saturday. We shall see.

Workout planned for tonight - 40 minutes cardio. I'm thinking of mixing it up with my nemesis, the treadmill, as well as my old faithful, the elliptical trainer.
11:07 am
Release Program...
Okay, so I heard about this on the radio and I'm actually considering it...

Any thoughts/opinions, y'all?


Current Mood: chipper
Tuesday, February 24th, 2004
8:41 pm
excellent workout. 20 minutes stairmaster, 20 minutes elliptical, 1/2 hour weights - 2 sets of 20 on everything but one machine that buggers up my carpel tunnel.

Tired, but content.

Craving sugar something fierce, though. That means more fruit. Blech. Pears and peaches are good, but I'm bored of them. Frelling elimination diet.
2:53 pm
confessions of a lazy veLorwen...
My first thought in the morning is, "Not yet... please." I go to bed too late and eat too much junk food.

I have available for my use, but collecting dust, a recumbent exercise bike, a stairmaster, a full set of free weights and a home gym.

I love to belly dance, but don't make time to do it.

Baby steps work best on these goal things, right?

Clean off the exercise bike
--- this means putting away the pile of laundry that I have entombed it with.

Find my belly dance video and make time tonight to at least do the warm up exercises for dance.

accountability is good
1:53 pm
Okay, I'll join the club.

The goal is to join the YMCA next month and try to get there 3-4 times per week. I have to go meet Will's father in May, and I'm in a wedding in September. Eeek!

So, this year the goal is to shed 40 lbs.

Current Mood: determined
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